Ozcart V5: New features released in June, 2019

  • Friday, 28th June, 2019
  • 11:52am

We've released quite a few updates to our latest version of Ozcart. One of the many benefits of this hosted shopping cart is that you get updates without manually updating your shopping cart as we take care of it for you. With that said, here's what we have to offer for June, 2019.


We're placing this first as it has important changes that affect the look of your fonts:
Fonts & Google Fonts
Bug fixes and improvements:
- You can now select all font sizes (and there are more font sizes available now).
- Google Fonts now load properly! You can choose to use any Google Font in your website now and make use of italic or font weight (bold or not).
- Font colour was moved from inside of the Google Fonts pop-up and now affects Standard fonts and Google Fonts. It also gets a colour picker, so you won't have to manually enter a colour code.
We hope you enjoy customizing your store by taking advantage of the hundreds of fonts available.
Our next step is to add a few more font options such as the ability to change the colour of links and the hover colour.


New features:

- Added a new, much more powerful text editor to important pages. The other editor is still used in some sections of the admin area. We're hoping to replace it as time passes.

- Updated the older text editor to the latest version.

- Order time (hour, minute, second) has been added to your customer's order history page.

- Design > Blocks: You can now instant search and sort by status. This also works for other component pages such as shipping plugins, payment plugins, and so on. We hope this helps you use the admin area a bit quicker.

- Store Settings > Country Settings > Geo Zones. We added a Add all geo zones button that automatically adds all geo zones into one list. It takes a few seconds as it has to generate the list of all countries and all provinces and states.

- Added a button that lets your visitors remove all comparisons from the comparison table in one click.

- Option stock quantity now shows up in the Quick View pop-up. You can disable stock quantity for options in Store Settings > General Settings > Options > Stock.

- New admin filters have been added:
- Category filter in Products > View Categories.
- Button on Categories page to show you which (and how many) products are part of that Category by automatically filtering it for you.
- Log in to reveal price filter in Products > Categories.
- Brand filter and brand column (to sort) in Products.
- Button on Brands page to show you which (and how many) products are part of that Brand by automatically filtering it for you.
- Location filter in Products.
- Category column in Products (to sort).
- Features and Feature Groups filters.
- Options/Variants filter.
- Page filter in Information >Pages.

- New comments submitted in your Blog's articles will now submit an email notification to you, the store owner, letting you know that there's a new comment. If it's set to auto approve comments, then the comment will be visible in your article. If not, then you must manually publish the comment. Additionally, if you have auto approve disabled, your visitors now see a notification on the page that their message has been successfully submitted.

- Private messages: When a customer, from his account, sends a private message to you, the store owner, an email will be sent to your inbox. When you reply from your Ozcart admin area > Customers > Private Messages, the customer will also get an email notification. We suggest verifying your Private Messages in Customs > Private Messages to check if you have received any throughout the past months.

- Coming soon: Option pricing changes dynamically based on the quantity chosen by your customer. Example: Your option, colour red, has a price of +12.50, and you click on the + button to add one more quantity - the +12.50 would become +25.00. This helps your customers visually understand the subtotal or total price.


Bug fixes & improvements:

- Category name (SEO URL) now shows up for blog posts and also displays in the URL, so make sure to set a category name and SEO URL to your categories in Information > Blog > Categories.

- Blog tags now work correctly and lead to a page that shows all posts that have a specific tag.

- Admin area: Design > Footer menus fixes.

- Storefront: Footer area menus improvement when displaying multiple footer lines.

- Storefront: Compare page optimization and fixes. It also now works in mobile mode.

- Facebook login now works in your admin area > Social Media > Facebook. We added documentation in the settings page. You can now also disable the Log in to Facebook button from appearing on the log in page by navigating to the admin area > Social Media > Facebook.

- Reports > Sales > Abandoned Carts: Bug fixes. The lists and results now display without errors and are paginated.

- Newsletter list subscribers filtering now works. Newsletter text optimization.

- Empty links or Links with # (such as parent menu items that lead nowhere) no longer reload the page and no longer take you back to the homepage. Their behaviour is as intended now and will remain where you are. Previously, clicking on a banner (if it was set up in Image & Banner Groups) that has no link would take you back to the homepage and reload the page. An empty parent menu in your main menu would also take you back to the homepage. It will now just behave as a link that does nothing. You can click it but it remains in place.

- Text optimization throughout the shopping cart and new documentation links added throughout.
It's our way to make it easier for you to use Ozcart.


Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you!

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