Ozcart V5: New features released from July to September, 2019

  • Friday, 27th September, 2019
  • 07:53am

Here’s our latest changelog for the past few months:

New features:

  • Page List Side Menu in Design > Blocks is now “Display List of Pages” and lets you add a “Storefront title” to display your own title for that block. It previously only showed a generic title of “Information” since it displays your own information pages.
  • Quick view now displays live pricing updates.
  • We added a reset button next to available options on your storefront. This appears when you have product options. It allows your customers to reset to default product state (removing all options chosen) and default image so that they can start fresh and choose other options.
  • Product Options now update their pricing when you add or subtract quantity in the storefront. If more than 1 quantity is chosen, this lets your visitors know exactly how much the total option price is or how much the option price will cost.
  • Coupons: You can now exclude products, categories and special products for finer control.
  • When you have an Option/Variant that is out of stock, an X with a red background will appear on your admin products page. You can also filter to see only the products that have out of stock options/variants. To view out of stock options/variants, you must have subtract stock set to “Yes” and the quantity has to be 0 of that option/variant.
  • When you remove an option/variant from a product, you’ll now get a prompt that asks you to confirm if you’d like to remove it. This will prevent accidental removals.
  • Reward points now can be automatically added to an order/account. Find out how to enable or disable the automated system here: https://client.ozcart.com/index.php/knowledgebase/1209/
  • Deleting downloads now deletes the file from the server. Previously, the file was kept. Make sure that you no longer need the file before deleting that download in Products > Downloads.


Bug fixes & improvements:

  • ZipPay/ZipMoney payment gateway has been fixed. It now works as intended.
  • Live Visual Editor: reduced the time it takes to preview the CSS code changes (when manually entering CSS). Also, we fixed a bug in the “This page only” section where it was preventing the CSS code entered from being deleted.
  • Paired Option Combinations now works as intended. You can pair options with one another and have some options only show up if a specific option was first selected or have options disappear if one is chosen.
  • Add different images to each product option/variant and when you select that option/variant on your storefront, the image will change. This means that if you have a product with 2 colours or more, and the default image is a grey colour, but a customer chooses the red colour, you can have it automatically switch to show a red coloured product image. While this system was previously working, an issue was caused that prevented it from working as intended. We optimized its system this time and made some updates.
  • Mobile view of product option image switching now works.


As usual, if you have any feature requests, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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