Ozcart domain name change

  • Thursday, 14th May, 2020
  • 20:42pm

Late last year, we managed to acquire the ozcart.com domain name that had been parked by an unknown individual since 2003. We tried to acquire it, in 2018, but never received a reply back. In 2019, we noticed that ozcart.com was under new ownership and that they were looking to sell it for a high price. We were able to establish communication with them and let them know that the name Ozcart has a trademark. They quickly relinquished the domain and transferred it to us. We're exceedingly glad to have this!

We waited 6 or so months before changing the domain as we wanted to take note of every location (websites, knowledge base, emails, payment methods, third party accounts, affiliates, and so on) where it was used.

Our main website is now


Our client area is now


It's shorter and easier to remember and to type.

Basically, any link (our websites, emails, your staging site, the knowledge base, client area, etc.) that used to be or end with ozcartecommerce.com now ends with ozcart.com.

We also made sure that redirects work.

We hope this makes it easier to reach our website.

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