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How do I set the number of reward points for which my product can be purchased?

Reward points / loyalty points are for purchasing products from your store. Customers use these points as a price to purchase products from your store. You can assign your products a number of reward points, and once reached, a customer can acquire the product. If you don't want to allow your customers to purchase your products with reward points, you can leave this area blank.

To set reward points for your product, go to Products > View Products menu. This will display all products available in your store.

To edit a product, click on the "pencil icon" on the top right hand side of your screen.

The product screen is split into tabbed sections: General, Specifics, Connect, Features, Variants, Images, Promotions, SEO. Click on the tab called "Promotions".

Select the tab "Reward Points". You need to complete the data for the following fields, if you wish to set reward points for the product.

Reward Points: Enter the number of points you would like a customer to reach before they can redeem this product.

Customer Group: Customer groups can be setup under the menu Customers > Customer Groups. If you do not want to set up customer groups, select Default customer group. This will apply to everyone.

Once you are done editing, save your product.


Enable automatic reward points and extra settings

In Design > Blocks, you will find Automatic Reward Points Manager.
Enabling it lets you automatically give reward points to orders that have a status that is part of the 'Complete order status'. Verify that statuses are part of your 'Complete order status' in Store Settings > General Settings > Options > Checkout > Complete order status. If you add a status (to an order) that is part of the checked statuses under 'Complete order status', then, upon adding it to and refreshing the page of that order, the reward points will be automatically added to that customer's order and account. The customer will get an email notification, notifying him that he has received a certain number of reward points. That email also includes the total number of reward points he now has.

If Automatic Reward Points Manager is disabled, you'll have to manually add the reward points when viewing an order in Orders > View Orders by clicking on the plus icon next to Reward Points.

Your customers will also get automatic reward points for the following IF they are enabled in the Automatic Reward Points Manager system:

Registration: Enter the number of reward points customers get for registering an account in your store.
Newsletter: Enter the number of reward points customers get for subscribing to your newsletter during registration or from their account page (not the one where they manually add their email address to a newsletter subscription field).
First order: Enter the number of reward points customers get for their first order.
First product review: Enter the number of reward points customers get for the first product review.
You can also make it deduct reward points from your customer's account when he unsubscribes by selecting "Yes" for "Newsletter unsubscribe deduction".


Important: Enable Free Checkout when total is 0

If you are using reward points, you need to enable Free Checkout as a payment option in your admin area > Payment Plugins. This allows your buyers to checkout when their order total is 0.00 (when they are using reward points to cover their entire purchase). Free Checkout is only presented to your buyers as a checkout/payment option when the total amount payable is 0.00. If the total is anything over 0.00 then the Free Checkout option will not be shown to buyers.

If you don't enable Free Checkout, your buyers will be prompted to pay 0.00 with your normal payment processor (for example, Stripe/PayPal/Eway), but they will get an error message.

You should consider setting a minimum total value and any other payment options that you use. Setting a minimum payment amount of 0.01 or more will stop Ozcart checkout from showing the chosen payment gateway as a payment option for 0.00 orders. You might like to set the minimum payment amount higher than 0.01 to avoid payments where the payment amount is less than the fees charged by your payment processor.

To set a minimum total value, go to your payment processor in Payment Plugins, find the 'Total' field, and enter a number there. You can hover over the 'Total' title for more information. If this isn't available, then it won't be possible to enter a minimum total value for that payment plugin.

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