(V5) How can I link to another information page from a product description, page or blog post? Print

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You can insert a link to an information page directly in a blog post, product page, or content page by using the Shortcodes feature built-into Ozcart. 

At the place where you want the link to appear you need to write the short code [link_info] and provide the settings for the page identifier (id) that you are linking to. You can also optionally specify the title text that appears as a hover over the link when a customer hovers over the link.

[link_info id="x" title="xyz"]your link text[/link_info]

The information that you need to supply is described below:

How can you find the identifier (id) of the page that you are linking to?
You can find the identifier number of the page that you are wanting to link to, by opening a new browser window and in your administration panel going to Information > Pages from the Store Admin menu, and then clicking into the information page that you wish to link to.

Then look in the URL bar and the identifier number for this page will be shown as an information_id. In the example below from the demo shop, the page About Us has an ID of 4, so to link to this in a short code you'd enter:

[link_info id="4"]About Us[/link_info]

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