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Tip: To make a menu item non-clickable, meaning that it will not take you to another page or the homepage when clicked, you edit that menu item, keep the "Type" as 'URL', and in the URL field, enter "#" without the quotes. This is also useful when you want to create a parent menu item that has a dropdown menu and the parent menu item doesn't lead to any page.


Ozcart websites use a Mega Menu - which is a top menu system that can have its submenus in multiple-columns, with images, videos, buttons, and graphics in the dropdown menus. The menus are designed to change their format and display style depending on the screen size of the device viewing them - so viewers on mobile devices can navigate through your site just as well as someone on a desktop computer, laptop, Windows, or iMac.

You can import the categories in your store as a starting point and then move things around with the drag and drop editor.

We have created a short video to take you through the basics of what you'll need to do to set them up.

To view it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ofdSoeaKdX8

Or to view it here:

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