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The Layouts Builder tool is useful for adding content to any of the pages in your website. Your website is set out by page type in the admin area. There's a separate Layouts Manager that you can use to add and change the different types of pages that Ozcart can generate. The page types include:

  • Home - your homepage, the first one people see when they type your domain name into a browser.
  • Account - when customers log in to their account.
  • Affiliate - when affiliate customers log in to their account.
  • Blog - your store blog.
  • Brands / Manufacturer - the products for a particular brand or manufacturer.
  • Category - a product category catalogue page where groups of products are shown.
  • Checkout - the checkout page.
  • Compare - when customers click two products and click compare.
  • Contact - your contact form.
  • Default - the default layout (header/footer) and fly in (off-canvas) left hand menu.
  • Information - content pages like your about us, gallery, and policies pages.
  • Landing - a custom landing page for you to assign to an information page if you wish (see our advanced video tutorial).
  • Product - an individual product page.
  • Search - the search for products page - when someone types a search into the search bar.
  • Sitemap - the site map for customers (not the Google sitemap which has no layout).

To edit your homepage, you choose Home from the dropdown menu when you first visit Design > Theme Settings > Layouts Builder (if it is not already set for you). You can then drag available blocks to place them, or click on them to edit their settings.

While you can add any type of block there, usually you will want to go to Design > Blocks and create HTML Content blocks. That will allow you to create simple content such as, text, images, videos, and more, and add them anywhere on your site, even the homepage.


We've created a video tutorial to show this in action - adding a YouTube video to the homepage. In the video tutorial, we have not set the size of the video or edited the settings but you would do that in your live site to make it fit with the other text that you planned to add to it.

To view it in YouTube: https://youtu.be/P70ZaqClKFk

Or to view it here:


Block Builder

You can also use the Block Builder, which is similar to a page builder, to create Blocks with columns, rows, and widgets.

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