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ANZ eGate uses the MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MIGS) to process transactions. You can set it up in Ozcart as follows.

1. Log in at ANZ with your ANZ eGate account and ensure you have an operator set up. ANZ's Instructions on how to do this are found at: http://www.anz.com/australia/business/merchant/pdf/eGateMerchAdminQuickRefGuide.pdf

2. Log in to your store administration and choose Configuration > Payment Plugins 

3. Beside ANZ eGate, the choose Activate button if it is not already activated. Then click the pencil button to edit the settings. 
4. Complete the details:

  • ANZ EGate Merchant Code
  • ANZ EGate Access Code
  • ANZ EGate Secure Hash Code

These will be provided to you by ANZ. Select Test mode if directed to do so by ANZ. If you are in TEST mode, then your merchant code will automatically have TEST added to the merchant name when a transaction is put through to the gateway. You do NOT need to do this when setting up your account in the system. Note also that Test mode will require specific credit card numbers to be used, and amounts to be ending in .00 cents. ANZ will provide the list of test cards that you can use with this service.

You can also set up the cards that will be accepted, the minimum order total at which this payment method will be available, the order statuses in your store when a transaction is processed back from ANZ, and the customer locations where this payment option will be available.

Once configured, click Save.

Important: If you are using reward points, you need to enable Free Checkout as a payment option in your admin area > Payment Plugins. This allows your buyers to checkout when their order total is 0.00 (when they are using reward points to cover their entire purchase). Free Checkout is only presented to your buyers as a checkout/payment option when the total amount payable is 0.00. If the total is anything over 0.00 then the Free Checkout option will not be shown to buyers.


If you don't enable Free Checkout, your buyers will be prompted to pay 0.00 with your normal payment processor (for example, ANZ eGate), but they will get an error message.

You should consider setting a minimum total value and any other payment options that you use. Setting a minimum payment amount of 0.01 or more will stop Ozcart checkout from showing the chosen payment gateway as a payment option for 0.00 orders. You might like to set the minimum payment amount higher than 0.01 to avoid payments where the payment amount is less than the fees charged by your payment processor.

To set a minimum total value, go to your payment processor in Payment Plugins, find the 'Minimum Order Total' field, and enter a number there. You can hover over the 'Minimum Order Total' title for more information.

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