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If you have added a filter to your products and they are not showing up, follow this checklist to figure out why they are not showing up.

1. Check that filters are defined

  • Go to Products > Filters and ensure that there is a filter option defined there, e.g., Bracelet size.
  • Click to edit the filter and check there are options to select set up in there, e.g., Small, Medium, Large.
  • If you want them shown in a particular order, check that there are priority numbers defined beside each one. The smallest number is shown first, e.g., 10, 20, 30...

2. Check that the filter options are set up for products

  • Go to Products > View Products and click the pencil to edit a product that has a filter.
  • Click on the Connect tab and check that the "filter feature for this product" has the relevant filter option set up for it, e.g., Bracelet Size > Small.

3. Check that the filter option is set up for the category where this product shows

  • Go to Products > View Categories and navigate to the category where the product with a filter should be shown.
  • Go to the Specifics tab of the category with the filter and make sure all of the possible filter options that will be offered to customers are enabled for the category, e.g., Bracelet Size > Small, Bracelet Size > Medium, Bracelet Size > Large.

4. Check that the filter block is turned on where you want the filters to show

  • Go to Design > Theme Settings > Layouts Builder.
  • Click the type of page where the filters appear (Category).
  • Check that the filter is showing in the left hand column and click on it to check that it is set to enabled.

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