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Before beginning, you must have your site registered on Google Search Console. See our Google Search Console knowledge base article about how to register your site on Google Search Console.

By following our tutorial, you will be able to submit your sitemap to Google for indexing. What this does is ensure that Google indexes your site's pages and URLs (to make it available on Google Search) much faster than not submitting your site to Google. Google will only submit pages that have good quality content, so make sure that your content is unique and SEO-friendly.

Here is a tutorial about how to submit a sitemap to Google Search Console:

  1. Navigate to your Ozcart admin area.
  2. Navigate to Data Feeds.
  3. Activate and edit Google Sitemap.
  4. Copy the part after your domain and the forward slash of the Data Feed URL. If your URL is: https://example.com/index.php?route=extension/feed/google_sitemap - select the part that starts with "index" and highlight it all the way to the end, like this, index.php?route=extension/feed/google_sitemap
  5. Log in to Google Search Console and make sure you're editing your Ozcart property (website).
  6. Click the Sitemaps button on the left side.
  7. Paste the Sitemap URL that you copied in point 4 in the 'Add a new sitemap' field in Google Search Console.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Do the same for every one of your 4 Ozcart properties (websites), such as the ones with https, http, www, and non-www.

Google will then index your site daily and will indicate when was the last time it was read by Google. It will also warn you about broken links and other issues.

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