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Custom Fields allows you to set up various additional fields that clients can fill up when registering. This works great if you want them to attach proof to prove they are who they are (perhaps, proof that they are wholesalers, a government agency, or a nonprofit), to enter additional information about them, and for other reasons that your business demands.

The custom fields that you create will also show up in the admin area (when editing/viewing customer profiles) so that you have a record of them.

Create or edit a Custom Field

  1. In the Ozcart admin area, navigate to Customers > Custom Fields.
  2. Add or edit a custom field.
  3. Enter a Custom Field name. This will show up to your customers during registration.
  4. Choose a Location.
    1. Account: the field will show up in the personal details section.
    2. Address: the field will show up in the address section.
  5. Choose a Type. This is how you want the field to be displayed to customers on the registration page - a dropdown box (Select) is one of the most common, but you might want to let them type in a short response (Text), a long description (Textarea) or upload a file (File). You can choose between those or the other types available.

    Some types will add a Value field right below Type. That value field should remain empty as that is where customers will enter their information. If you enter text in the Value field, then it will also show up as editable text on the registration page. It might work out well if you have a prefix to add or something else. Then, the customer would just enter the information after that. In that case, the Custom Field name would serve as the description of what this field is about, and the value as primary text. E.g., Custom Field name: Enter your invoice number starting with "OZ". Value: OZ. The customer would then see "OZ" next to "Enter your invoice number starting with "OZ"". He can edit OZ or continue typing.

  6. Select the customer groups that will have to fill up this field. When a customer selects that group, those fields will then show up.
  7. Make the field required for those customer groups or not required by not selecting the groups here.
  8. Enable or disable the status.
  9. Choose a sort order. The order goes from 0 to any positive number. 0 being the one that shows up at the top of the list during registration.
  10. If you chose Select, Radio, or Checkbox in 'Type', then you will now have new fields to fill, the Custom Field value names.
    1. Click the plus button to add a new value.
    2. Enter the name.
    3. Choose a sort order*. The order goes from 0 to any positive number. 0 being the one that shows up at the top of the list during registration.
  11. Save. The field will now show up during registration if the correct customer group is selected by the customer.


*Note: Selecting a sort order of 0 will force this field to show up above the customer group selection, meaning above all fields. Enter 1 or above will make it go below the customer group fields, which makes more sense.

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