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You can display a list of your pages (under Information > Pages) in a block using the Display List of Pages feature in Ozcart.

  1. In your Ozcart admin area, navigate to Design > Blocks.
  2. Find Display List of Pages and either edit a current one or create a new Block.
  3. Enter a relevant Block name to distinguish this block from other blocks in your admin area.
  4. Enter a relevant Storefront title to give this block a title for your visitors to know what it is about.
  5. Enable it.
  6. Save.
  7. Navigate to Design > Theme Settings > Layouts Builder to add this block to your column left or right sidebar. Usually, you would want to add this to a layout, such as Information, and then ensure that your Pages have that layout assigned to them so that this block appears on those pages.

Your visitors will see the list of pages and can click on them to navigate through the different pages.
You can create other blocks and add them to other pages using the Layouts Manager and the Layouts Builder.

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