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You might want to prevent your visitors and customers from adding to cart any or certain products. Or, you'd like them to add to cart a product that is out of stock but not be able to checkout. This documentation will help you manage those aspects.


Disable the add to cart button and change its text

Navigate to Design > Blocks and activate or edit the Disable Add To Cart extension.
Another way to access this is under Products > Disable Add To Cart.
We also have a link to this in Store Settings > General Settings > Options > Stock.

If you're unable to access this, then make sure you have the necessary permissions in Staff > Staff Groups.

Set the status to Enabled to activate this feature. You can hover over some options or read the information present there to learn more.

This feature, when activated, disables the Add To Cart button and gives you the ability to prevent your customers from clicking it whether on the product page itself or on the page that lists the products (category page, brand page, widgets, etc.). It will replace that button for all products or the products that you choose, and for products that are or aren't out of stock, with the text of your choosing.

When enabled, the Disable Add To Cart feature adds a new column in Products > View Products called "Cart". You can quickly disable the add to cart button for that product by clicking on the green check mark. That product will automatically be added to the Disable Add To Cart > Products > Products list.

Hint: If you'd like the Add To Cart button to disappear when the above is active for a product, then do not type anything in the 2 message text areas. If you already typed text there, erase it all or access the code view (</> button) and erase everything there. Save.


Allow or disable out of stock checkout

Navigate to Store Settings > General Settings > Options > Stock. You'll see the option: Allow 'out of stock' checkout. Enabling this will allow your customers to checkout with the out of stock product(s) when they reach the shopping cart page. Disabling it will prevent them from continuing past the shopping cart page for products that are out of stock.

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