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How are you promoting your website? An important part of website marketing is getting your site showing up in customer searches - not just being indexed in search engines. To do this you need quality links back to your site from other websites.

How many links do you have to your site today? Try typing this into Google to see how many links you get back:

Next see how you rank on your key search terms. What do your customers search for? For example, if you are selling watches your customers may be searching for 'best watch retailers' or 'watches Australia' or by brand. Whatever your customers are searching on, your mission should be to get on to the first page of search results in Google or Yahoo! Australia for that search term.

One option you have for increasing the number of good quality links you have to your site is by adding your website to the number of Australian directories that exist. Some of these are free and others are paid.

What are the best directories to list in?

Here is a list of Australian and New Zealand web directories you can approach to get your website listed. To improve your chances of improving your search engine listings, to list your website with as many of these as you can.


Directory Name Submit URL Type
Culture & Recreation Free
Clothing Fashion Free, Paid
Shopping Plazza Free
NineMSN Search Free, Paid
About Australia Paid
Anzwers Free
Hotfrog Free
Web Wombat Paid
Anchor Directory Free
Christian Channel Free
Beyond the Black Stump Free
Come On Aussie Free
Cumulus Directory Free
Ezilon Australia Paid
Our Brisbane Free
Web Paid
NZ Clothing Directory Free, Paid
Value Rewards Paid
AU & NZ Directory go to category and click add url Free
Aus Everything Free, Paid Free, Paid
Aussie Local Search Free
Aussie Now Paid
Australia5com Paid
Australian Craft Network Paid
Australian House Hunters Free
Best Broker Free
Bugger All Free
Dental Search Engine Free, Paid
Digital Television Free
Directory Australia Free
dLook Free, Paid
Free Ad Free Free
Gonzoz Free
Guide Australia Free, Paid
inPerth Free
ITI Paid
LATON Business Directory Free
List Directory Free, Paid
Matilda Search Paid
Pixelicious Free
Tourism Directory Free
Shop Online Australia Free, Paid
Surf Pacific Paid
Tackle Box Free
TJA Directory Paid
Web Directory Australia Free
Westaustraliaonline Free
Yahoo! Australia Free, Paid


If there are any directories relevant to your specific industry, we suggest you list with them too.

What else can I do?

  • Approach your suppliers and related businesses to yours and get them to link to you
  • Write 300-500 articles about hot topics in your industry. Publish them on your site to attract people to link to your content. Alternatively, purchase article submission
  • Write a blog with references back to your website. Keep it up-to-date.
  • Create a forum

Thank you to Not Merely Crafts for their update to this list

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