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Here's how to pay an Ozcart invoice.

Before going any further, it might be worth checking if you have an up-to-date credit card details on the system. For example, if the expiry date has been reached, then the transaction will be declined even if all other card details are the same.

Expiry dates do not roll over automatically. You must immediately update your credit card when you receive a new one.


To check your card details on file, go to Billing and then click on "Manage Credit Card".

This will show you your current details and give you the opportunity to change them, if you need to.


Next, click on "My Invoices" under Billing.

This brings up a list of your invoices and invoice history. Click on the invoice you are trying to pay.

This brings up the invoice itself in a new window. Then, click the "Pay Now" button and proceed with the steps.

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