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A number of customers have been leaving messages for our Sales team with a technical issue, requesting that someone from tech support call them back.

Unfortunately, Ozcart does not offer telephone support - our business structure, resource allocations and monthly pricing are all set up on the basis that all support enquiries will go through our ticket based system. This helps us organise, prioritise, allocate, and track responses. It also keeps our prices down. In fairness to the customers who use the ticket system, we may not make exceptions to this process unless it is an urgent enquiry.

We understand that this is not the way that everyone prefers to work and that some may prefer a telephone based system, but it is the way that we have structured our business. It is part of our terms, and we make no attempt to hide this. We do not currently have any plans to change this.

Please take advantage of the ticket system as there's no limit to how many tickets you can submit in any month.

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