(V2) Can I suspend my site and reactivate it later? We do offer suspend/on hold options. Please view our administrative fees. It involves a yearly... (v2) Important note about ozCart versions In an attempt to improve ozCart as much as possible we are regularly bringing out new versions of... Can I access my email via a web browser? Yes, you can. To access your email addresses via webmail, all you need to do is go into your... Can I upgrade to Ozcart V5? Yes, you can upgrade, but an upgrade means a new build of your site because the platforms are... Cannot send or receive emails, my website is not loading, cannot access FTP Summary: In any of the above cases, your IP address may be blocked. Go to IPChicken and send us... How do I search the Ozcart Knowledge base quickly? A quick way to do this is to use your store admin. Here's how: 1. Open a browser window - log in... How do I update my credit card on file, or load a new credit card to pay an invoice? To load a new credit card on file, you need to do the following: 1. Go to... How to submit or view tickets If you have a "how to" question, or any troubles using your site, our Technical Support... Please log in to view ozCart Knowledgebase A note to customers: Your knowledgebase articles ARE still there. Please log in with your client... Telephone Support A number of customers have been leaving messages for our Sales team with a technical issue,... We take criticism constructively Do you think there's something we could be doing better? Customer feedback makes our products and... When I create links, should I use the whole URL or a part of it? What are Absolute Paths and Relative Paths? When you create links in your Ozcart store/website, whether banner links, links in any text...
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