(v2 and v3) I cannot connect to my email via Microsoft Outlook If you cannot connect to your emails via Microsoft Outlook, please try the following settings in... (v2, v3 and v4) I cannot connect to my email via an iPad or Mac If you are having trouble connecting to your email using a Mac, iPad or iPhone, please try... (v3) Testing before Go Live Before you go live with your version 3 Ozcart website, there are a number of things you might... (v3, v4) Upgrading to v4 from v3 - what are the main differences? Thinking of upgrading your Ozcart website from v3 to v4?The version 4 platform is a new shopping... Can I upgrade to Ozcart V5? Yes, you can upgrade, but an upgrade means a new build of your site because the platforms are... Cannot send or receive emails, my website is not loading, cannot access FTP Summary: Your IP address may be blocked. Go to IPChicken on the affected device and send us the... How do I update my credit card on file, or load a new credit card to pay an invoice? To load a new credit card on file, you need to do the following: 1. Go to... How to clear your cache When pages are viewed on your browser, the browser keeps a copy of the page on your hard drive so... How to submit or view tickets If you have a "how to" question, or any troubles using your site, our Technical Support... Ozcart Manual/User Guide To follow is a link to the latest copy of the Ozcart User Guide and Reference Manual for the... Sending files to us Sending files to us for your site design If you are sending files to us with your Design... When I create links, should I use the whole URL or a part of it? What are Absolute Paths and Relative Paths? When you create links in your Ozcart store/website, whether banner links, links in any text...
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