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Need some inspiration as to what you can do to drive sales in your store? Here are some ideas you can use as "starters for ten" in developing your marketing plan:

- Newsletters with discount coupons for signups?
- Listing on reviews sites?
- Third party data feeds?
- Referral marketing from offline sources?
- Listing in industry directories?
- Offline deals with corporates for hampers - discounts through your website?
- Competitor analysis - how are they advertising and where? We have search engine marketing reports available on a monthly basis - these are available on request but you need to answer a questionnaire before we can set them up to make sure you get the most out of them.
- Optimising your keyword and search terms for Google?
- Analysing your Google Analytics information?
- Direct Marketing? (i.e., real letters in the mail)
- Giveaways?
- Cross selling?
- Contests?
- Offline advertising (promotions)?
- Price promotions?
- Specials?
- Category sales?
- Twitter Marketing?
- Facebook marketing?
- Press releases/news story write-ups in local newspapers?
- Local mail drops?
- Bulk buying promotions e.g. buy 3 get 1 free?
- Have you reviewed your pricing, shipping, privacy, payment policies? etc.
- Have you reviewed your content? How compelling is your About us page, etc? How unique are your product descriptions?
- Do you promote trust through promoting security features etc of your store?
- Do you have the right suppliers?
- Have you considered hiring an external consultant (e.g., a business coach/trainer)? If you need some recommendations, ask us and we'd be happy to help.

Also make sure you read our Ozcart blog (www.ozcart.com/blog) where we have plenty of great marketing ideas on a regular basis.

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