v2/v3/v4/v5 customers getting locked out of their store admins after attempting to check email

  • Monday, 26th February, 2018
  • 06:49am
** This notice relates to customers who have email address functionality on their plans **

Some customers on the v2, 3, 4, and 5 platforms who have email functionality on their plans have been logging support tickets about getting locked out of their sites. When you are locked out, you can't view your webmail, download emails, and your site looks down even though it may be visible from another device like your mobile phone. Rest assured that it is not actually down.

This happens if your computer checks emails too frequently per hour or has too many failed attempts to check emails in a set time frame (e.g., a wrong password was used too many times). There are a few ways to sort this out:

1) Try checking from another device not on the same Internet connection (e.g., a mobile phone or laptop not going through the same Internet connection) - to see if you are locked out
2) Try resetting your Internet connection. Disconnect and reconnect your router/modem from your ISP provider and you will usually be allocated a new Internet address ("IP"). If this works, then reduce the frequency per hour that your computer checks emails.
3) If this doesn't work, then submit a support ticket to us at https://client.ozcart.com/clientarea - if you can't see our site and support area, send us an email via our contact form on our main site from a personal email address (not the email address that uses your website domain name).

In your ticket, make sure that you tell us your current IP address from the computer that is having problems. You can find this by going to https://ipchicken.com/ or just typing IP address into your search engine.

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