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To add search engine meta tags to a product go to Products > View Products menu. Once clicked on this will display all products available in your store. 

To edit a product click on the "pencil icon" next to the product.

The product screen is split into tabbed sections: General, Specifics, Connect, Features, Variants, Images, Promotions, SEO. Click on the tab called "SEO".

In this section you will be able to add your meta tag title, meta tag description, meta tag keywords and SEO URL for your product.

Meta Tag Title

A title to describe your product to search engines.

Custom H1 Tag

Enter a custom title for H1 tag. This will replace the name of the product for search engines. This allows you to have a different name on the product page other than the title of your product.

Meta Tag Description

A description to describe your product to search engines.

Meta Tag Keywords

Keywords to describe your product to search engines. These should be single keywords separated by a comma. e.g. necklace, silver necklace, long necklace. 

A SEO URL is a Web address that is easy to read and includes words that describe your product. Do not enter spaces in the URL. Spaces should be replaced with -. Your URL should also be unique. e.g. long-blue-diamond-necklace

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