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The website footer is divided into sections. The sections are:

  • Widget Section.
  • Menus Section.
  • Copyright Section - Ozcart branding for customers on Ozcart standard & lite plans (Ozcart branding not present in Ozcart Plus).

You can add blocks to any of those.

The way you edit the content is different depending on which section you are looking at. This article looks at the bottom section marked with a red box in the diagram above - the columns of footer links. To add something to the Widget area like the newsletter subscribe box that's in the demo shop - look at this article about adding a newsletter box to your footer.

Editing the columns consists of going to the Design > Footer Menus section in your Store Admin Menu and once on the screen, clicking Manage Items. You can change the link text or the link location for any of the existing links there.

We have created a video tutorial showing this in action:

To view it in YouTube: https://youtu.be/DwlTGA9io0o

Or to view it here:


Want to remove one or more columns?

To remove a column, just disable it. The cart will automatically adjust to the smaller number of columns and space out the remaining columns across the screen appropriately. For example, if you remove the fourth column, the cart will spread out the remaining columns in thirds. If you remove two columns it will spread out the remaining columns in quarters. 

To disable a column just go to Design > Footer Menus, and click on the pencil beside the menu that you want to disable. Then change its status from enabled to disabled.

If you disable all four sections one at a time, a default set of system links will appear in their place. To disable the entire list of menus, follow the procedure below.

Want to disable this section altogether?

If you don't want any columns of links in your footer you can turn off all of the menus in one go. To do this go to Design > Theme Settings and make sure that the General tab is selected. In most cases, it will open to this tab automatically. Then, for the first menu option, Enable Menu Footer, choose No.

Then choose Save from the menu in the top right hand corner to make your settings active.

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