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If you have heard of Facebook, YouTube, MySpace (it is pretty old), Pinterest, Instagram or Blogs, then you have already heard of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is the idea that customers can record their favourite web pages, comments or video clips and share them with their friends, work colleagues and the rest of the world. Search engines use social bookmarks as votes for the popularity of a website too, so social bookmarking can help you improve your search engine rankings. How?

Here are some ways you can use these technologies to your advantage:

  • Set up a blog and put in it information about your business and your products. Create a link to your website. Post on your blog regularly so search engines see it as something worthy of revisiting. If you can comment on industry news this is even better as the relevancy between customer search terms and the content on your website will increase.
  • Create product description videos and post them on YouTube. You can then link to them from your site saving you valuable bandwidth while letting people in the You Tube community find out about your products.  You Tube is one of the biggest and most popular sites in the world.
  • Write articles and post them on Digg. This is a news ranking website that ranks extremely highly in search engines and is very popular all around the world.
  • Create profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, etc and post a photo gallery of your products, links to your YouTube videos and blogs and anything else product related.

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