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RapidSSL is a 128 / 256 bit "single root" SSL certificate. owns the root used to issue RapidSSL certificates to validate the encryption of information (usually credit card details) as they are transmitted across the Internet. RapidSSL is already present in the IE 5.01+, Netscape 4.7+ and Mozilla 1+ browsers and many other new Windows and Mac based browsers.

RapidSSL Certificates offer:

  • 99% browser recognition rate
  • Strong 128 / 256 bit encryption, industry standard SSL
  • $10,000 warranty
  • authenticates the certificate to browsers.

RapidSSL Certificates are offered free for the first 12 months on ecommerce packages, and for an annual payment of $75 on other ecommerce packages or our hosting packages. You can purchase an SSL Certificate on our website.

Customers undertaking heavy amounts of credit card traffic and sales may wish to purchase a Comodo Instant SSL Certificate to take advantage of their higher browser recognition rate. You can ask us for more information about this by submitting a ticket.

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