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Note: You should not set a special and discount on a product at the same time. You need to choose either a special or discount, not both. *Specials take priority over discounts.

To add a discount price to your product go to Products > View Products menuOnce clicked on this will display all products available in your store. 

To edit a product click on the "pencil icon" on the top right hand side of your screen.

The product screen is split into tabbed sections: General, Specifics, Connect, Features, Variants, Images, Promotions, SEOClick on the tab called "Promotions".

Select the tab "Quantity Discounts" You need to complete the data for the following fields if you wish to set a discount price for the product.

Customer Group: Customer groups can be setup under the menu Customers > Customer Groups. If you do not want to setup customer groups select Default customer group. This will apply to everyone.

Quantity: This is the minimum quantity before the discount applies. e.g. If you set 3 the customer would need to purchase 3 of the product to get the discount.

Priority: This a priority number that determines the order that discounts are applied.

Price+Tax: Enter the discount price (whole dollar amount) including GST in the price field, if applicable.

Price Enter: The discount price (whole dollar amount) excluding GST in the price field, if applicable.

Discount Price:
Enter a percentage discount amount off the product.

Date Start: The date that you want the discount to be available from.

Date End: The date that the discount offer will end.

Once you have done editing save your product.

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