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Important: We highly suggest using Custom Form instead as it is a much more flexible system that allows you to set up forms using drag and drop functionality while setting up custom email notifications and email addresses. The below will be removed along the next few months.


You can use the form builder tool to create a form like a wholesale registration form, expression of interest or landing page form. Here's how.

1) Create the form to make it available for use

You can create as many different forms as you need for the different uses that you have. To create a form, go to Design > Blocks and scroll down to the form builder section. Then click the + button to create a new form.

The new form screen appears.

Give the block a name as it will appear in the administration panel, and a title of the form as it will be displayed to visitors when the site is displayed. You can then write the description that appears above the form. It introduces the form, promotion or invites registration above the form fields being shown.

You can then add the form fields. Choose the type of fields that you want from the add field controls and then choose whether you want them to be required or optional.

The Name, Business Number, and Phone fields are text fields, E-Mail fields will check that there is an @ sign, the Message field allows multiple lines of text, and the List option will give customers a choice in a dropdown.

You can add and complete fields for your customers to complete when filling out the form. You can drag the order of fields around to change their order - so you can arrange them the way you want them to appear.

An example of a completed form looks like this:


If you have a list field like How did you find out about us, separate the title from the options with commas.

Save the form.

2) Place it into your site. 

You can place a form into an existing page layout in the Theme Settings section of your website. Go do Design > Theme Settings and then the Layouts Builder tab.

The dropdown at the top of the page called Show Blocks on Layout let you choose the page type that your form block will appear on. In this example, we'll add the form you've created to a special content page layout called "Landing".

Select Landing from the drop down.

Find the block created for your form in the list on the left hand side and drag it into the centre panel in the Content Bottom section. If you have trouble dragging a block, use the mouse over the handle pieces on the right hand side of each block. The difference between Content Top and Content Bottom is that Content Top appears above the page heading so is best used for things like banners that appear above normal page content.

Click the button to Save the layout.

3) Attach your layout to a page

If you're working with a layout that isn't automatically attached to a page (like the home page, category page etc), then you need to assign your layout to a page. Create the page for your customers under Information > Pages and give it a name (e.g., Wholesale Enquiries).

Enter any information you want to appear on the page, give the page a title and then click the design tab.

This opens the tab where you can override the cart's default choice for a layout page, to choose one of your own.

Save your page. When this page is viewed, the cart will use the Landing layout (and the blocks assigned to it) instead of the default for this type of page (information).

You can now try your page on the front of your site by choosing the Preview button.

You can then see your form in action:

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