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You may want to add your own copyright text or other information below the footer links. You may also wish to do so if you are under our Plus plan as when we remove our Ozcart branding, we also remove the automatic copyright message.

To add a copyright/extra text message, you can create an 'HTML Content' block.

  1. Navigate to Design > Blocks.
  2. Find 'HTML Content' and click the Add New button.
  3. Enter a Block Name, e.g., 'Copyright'. You don't need a Heading Title unless you want a title above your copyright text.
  4. Add your text in the Description field. Note that if your footer is of a dark colour, you will have to choose a white font colour or it will not show up on your website. The same is true for other footer colours; simply select another colour. Add any link, image, or any other HTML content there.
  5. Next to Status, select Enabled.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Go to Design > Theme Settings > Layouts Builder and ensure that you are in the "Home" dropdown section.
  8. Finally, drag that new block and put it in the Copyright Footer section at the bottom.

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