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Brands are used to categorise your products by brands or manufacturers. 

To add a brand, go to the menu Products > Brands. Click on the "Plus sign icon".

You will now have a new section "ADD BRAND" where you can add your brand. Enter the below information and click the save button.

Brand name:
Enter the name of your brand

A SEO URL is a Web address that is easy to read and includes words that describe your product. Do not enter spaces in the URL. Spaces should be replaced with -. Your URL should also be unique. e.g. silver-company

Brand Logo:
A logo for the brand. Click on the "no image" image and you will see a pencil icon. Click on the pencil icon and a new pop-up box will appear. Upload an image from your local computer.

Sort Order:
When you assign a sort order it gives your brand a priority number. e.g. A brand with a sort order number or 1 will be placed higher than a brand with a sort order of 2. 

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